Clinical Ophthalmology: Text & Atlas, 6th Edition by Shafi M. Jatoi, 2018




Clinical Ophthalmology-Text & Atlas is particularly designed for undergraduate students to help them understand this complex field. This new edition comes up with the details of recent advances in diagnosis and management of various eye diseases and it almost covers the entire curriculum of opthalmology for undergraduate medical studies.

Key Features of 6th Edition:
Revision of each chapter to keep abreast with newer concepts and principles of investigation, treatment and surgical procedures in various eye disease.
Addition of new topics in chapters on Cornea, Uvea, Retina, Strabismus, Glaucoma, Optic nerve, Pupil, Orbit, Ocular injuries, and Strabismus.
Included over 580 photographs in chapters and color plates to highlight and augment understanding of diseases.
New chapter on systemic drugs with ocular side effects.
Lucid step-by-step account of important surgical procedures to build proper concepts.

Tags: ophthalmology, eye, atlas

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