Clinical Surgery Made Easy: A Companion to Problem-Based Learning, 2nd Edition Mohan De Silva, 2015




Each clinical topic includes:
• A problem-solving approach
• System-based essential core knowledge
• Concise explanations of relevant basic sciences
• Management pathways (based on the most up-to-date guidelines)
• FAQs
• Self-assessment (EMQs, SBAs, T/F)

The undergraduate medical student, towards whom this book is primarily targeted, will find therein a depth of surgical knowledge sufficient not only to pass the Final MBBS, but also later to be used for the MRCS examination. Medical students will benefit from the lay out of the material, which encourages the reader to think for oneself, acquire knowledge, and in the process, enjoy learning surgery. Youngsters, embarking on clinical surgery, should consider themselves as fortunate as their predecessors in now having the benefit of a 2nd edition.
Pradip K Datta MBE Honorary Consultant Surgeon Caithness General Hospital, Wick, Scotland, UK

As we all know, there are gaps at the level of thinking between the teaching faculty and their students and trainees. This book bridges such gaps and provides a framework for all involved parties to stay on the same page in a focused, well controlled manner. It ensures the best of learning particularly when there is limited time of exposure.
Samir Johna Loma Linda University School of Medicine California, USA

Standard textbooks can be daunting. This book is different. I believe that students and young doctors will find this an easy read and will be able to translate the scenarios into an understanding of how clinical pathways are constructed. By asking questions through the pathways students are encouraged to develop their own ideas a form of problem-based learning rather than learning by rote. Retention of facts is so much easier when they form part of a story.
David Cade FRCS, Consultant Surgeon Associate Medical Director Mid Cheshire Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

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