FRCR Physics Notes: Medical imaging physics for the First FRCR examination

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Authors: Dr. Sarah Abdulla, Dr. Christopher Clarke

Publisher: Radiology Cafe Publishing

Edition: Third

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Current, exhaustive notes on medical imaging physics for radiologists.

“FRCR Physics Notes: Medical imaging physics for the First FRCR examination”, written by two UK Radiologists, are brief and well-organized, covering all parts of radiology physics with hundreds of attractive graphics to enhance comprehension and explain even the most complex ideas.

This bundle is ideal for people taking the first FRCR physics examination in the United Kingdom, as it covers the entire Royal College of Radiologists curriculum. Although intended for UK radiology trainees, this book is equally appropriate for international residents sitting comparable tests, postgraduate medical physics students, and radiographers. Anyone interested in the physics of radiography or simply seeking a refresher may find these notes to be a valuable resource.

The notes cover all aspect of radiology physics, such as:

  1. Basic science
  2. X-ray imaging
  3. CT imaging
  4. Ultrasound imaging
  5. MR imaging (MRI)
  6. Molecular imaging
  7. Dosimetry, protection, and legislation regarding radiation

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