Road to PPSC – 2023 Edition


Book Title: Road to PPSC – Commission Exam Medical Officers & Women Medical Officers

Book Series: Study Mate Series

Authors: Dr. Hammad Ayaz, Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Dr. Huma Mehmood

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Salient Features

  • Prescriptions and approach to patients that is required for Commission exam interviews
  • Approach to patients with general diseases that a doctor encounters in patient and out patient department
  • Basic procedures that a doctor on duty needs to know with relevant clinical details and paperwork
  • A section on Community medicine with all the definitions and easy and tabulated approach to basic topics that can be asked from doctor during the commission exam
  • Important Emergencies that a doctor may encounter while working ate periphery
  • Past PPSC interview questions
  • Sections on Islamiyat and and General know ledge . Few Basics that can be asked in the interview
  • A separate section of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Road to PPSC with theory stuff that is of paramount importance specially for Women Medical Officers.

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