Secrets of FCPS Part 1 by Rabia Ali – 9th Edition

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Author: Rabia Ali

Edition: 9th

Publisher: Prince Book House Peshawar

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Salient Features of “Secrets of FCPS Part 1” by Rabia Ali, 9th Edition:

  1. Chapter-based multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering major subjects.
  2. Topic-based MCQs for in-depth subject coverage.
  3. Extensive inclusion of more than 1000 topics and sub-topics, accompanied by comprehensive explanations for all MCQs.
  4. Up-to-date questions with a focus on conceptual understanding.
  5. MCQ references provided in the conceptual notes, citing reputable textbooks.
  6. Concise and conceptually-rich notes encompassing major subjects and past papers.
  7. Each topic meticulously prepared using 8 to 10 authoritative books.
  8. Conceptual and topic-wise notes offer potential exam questions for future reference.
  9. Complete collection of papers spanning from 2007 to February 2023.
  10. Student-friendly format, presenting a simplified book tailored for effective preparation.
  11. Inclusion of Golden Files, enhancing the value and content of the book.

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