SK Anesthesia | SK Pearls of Anesthesia for FCPS Part-1 – Second Edition

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Compiled and Updated by: Dr. Shumaim Bint-e-Akram

Author/Editor: Dr. Salahuddin Kamal

Edition:2nd (Second Edition)

Publisher: Nisthar Publications



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SK Anesthesia for FCPS Part-1 – Second Edition Contains:

  • Papers from 2010 to February 2022.
  • Also includes famous Raali Files by Dr. Raheela Shaheen.
  • For FCPS Part 1 in Anesthesia and Diploma in Anesthesia.
  • Only book updated till last FCPS-1 attempt in February 2022.
  • Most trusted book for preparation of FCPS-1 in Anesthesia.

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