Circuits for the MRCPCH (MRCPCH Study Guides)

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Author: Damian Roland

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Edition: 1st edition


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  • This title “Circuits for the MRCPCH” is intended for MRCPCH candidates in the United Kingdom and other countries that offer MRCPCH.
  • It gives a comprehensive review guide for the new MRCPCH clinical test in OSCE format.
  • It is created and written to be as similar to the actual exam as possible.
  • Each chapter will have all of the written stations, constituting a “circuit.”
  • The questions are presented in the exact same format as the exam, and the answers are prepared in an approachable manner by authors who have just gone through the procedure and can provide helpful recommendations.
  • In contrast to standard system-based texts, there are no hints provided with the sample questions.
  • The fully-explained answers provide not just clinical knowledge but also a foundation for answering similar questions, which is quite valuable on exam day.
  • Can be used at the outset of the revision process to assess progress and identify flaws.
  • Can also be used as a last check to ensure that all bases have been covered at the conclusion of revision.
  • Circuits for the MRCPCH is ideal for group revision, particularly the communication and role-playing stations.

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