Dental PPSC Notes – Eeshaa Notes for Dentistry Public Service Commission Exams


Author/s: Dr. Eeshaa Ijaz

Edition: 1st (First Edition)

Published by: Nishtar Publications

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Eeshaa Notes for Dentistry Public Service Commission Exams is the First Book ever devoted to the Preparation of Dental PPSC and Public Service Commission Exams of All Other Provinces, PHFMC, Social Security Hospitals, and even Ad-hoc Appointments in the Field of Dentistry.

Notable characteristics of the book include: –

  • It includes Repeatedly Asked Questions and Previous Public Service Commission Examinations for Dental PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, BPSC, and KPPSC.
  • The book is beneficial for Pre-Residency examinations (Tests/Interviews) administered by PIMS, AKU, AFID, KRL, FMH, Margalla, Dow, Islamic International, LCMD, JPMC, and UHS, among others.
  • It is the only book made particularly to meet the requirements of Dentistry Exams (Both written and Interview).
  • In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions and General Knowledge, it also includes Islamic Studies.
  • The book is concise and to the point.
  • Exam-Oriented Knowledge and Guidelines Extracted from Reliable Textbooks
  • All of the Answers in this book are appropriately cited.
  • The book is simple to comprehend and simple to review.
  • The complete curriculum can be covered in a matter of days.

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