FCPS Mate Gold Recalls 15 – Ahmad Hassan


Authors: Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Dr. Hammad Ayaz, Dr. Huma Mehmood Mughal

Edition: Golden 15

Publisher: Zubair Publishers

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The aim of FCPS Mate Gold Recalls 15 is to provide study material of the highest quality with easy and exam-oriented approach that is covered by the students in a limited time with complete grasp on the most important topics along with concept building and a good clinical approach.

Salient Features of FCPS Mate Gold Recalls 15:

  1. It contains Past papers of FCPS-I of August 2022 & November 2022 .
  2. Most authentic statements that have not been chopped and changed.
  3. Discussion of important MCQs/statements .
  4. No or Minimal mistakes .
  5. Best tool for revision of important topics that have been tested in recent exams.
  6. Illustrative Review of important concepts.

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