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  • This TREATMENT GUIDE by InayatUllah book seeks to help the practicing physician, in both the hospital and general practice setting by giving a core of sample prescriptions that can be applied as such in treatments.
  • This latest edition of the book features inclusion of fresh knowledge so that the contents remain as updated as possible.
  • Changes have been made throughout this edition of TREATMENT GUIDE by InayatUllah; especially in chapters of principles of antimicrobial therapy, treatment of infections, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and liver illnesses.
  • Trade names are more familiar and are used in prescriptions so these have been used in the samples; only one trade name of a generic substance is used to avoid confusion, this does not mean any endorsement of a particular brand over another; but the physician is cautioned against the veritable explosion of dubious pharmaceuticals and preparations and advises to choose good quality preparations.

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