Doctor on Duty Treatment Guide – 2024 by Dr. Asif Ali Khan


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Author: Dr. Asif Ali Khan

Edition: 2024 (3rd Edition, 2024)

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Doctor on Duty Treatment Guide 2024 (Third Edition) is a guide to management of common OPD and ER diseases. It can be used as Rx guide for House officers, new Medical Officers and Trainees and Internees.

  • The Doctor on Duty Treatment Guide 2024 is a step-by-step book for treating common medical problems in outpatient clinics and emergency rooms.
  • It may be helpful as a prescription guide for house officers, new medical officers, trainees, and interns who work in outpatient and emergency medicine.
  • The author has written the content in short, clear paragraphs and used tables to highlight the most important topics in this DOCTOR ON DUTY TREATMENT GUIDE BOOK.

Key Features

  1. Each topic has been fully updated based on current guidelines and standard textbooks.
  2. Topics are arranged by chapter.
  3. Additional chapters on infectious diseases, endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology, gynecology, pediatrics, eye, and ENT among others.


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