The Unofficial Guide to Radiology – 2nd Edition

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Author/s: Christopher Gee, Alexander Young, Mark A Rodrigues

Publisher: UGTM (Unofficial Guide to Medicine)

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  • The Unofficial Guide to Radiology: 100 Practice Orthopaedic X-Rays is a companion volume to Unofficial Guide to Radiology.
  • This book provides instruction on the systematic study of Orthopaedic X-rays.
  • The layout is intended to make the book as applicable to actual practise as feasible; X-rays are given inside a realistic setting.
  • The reader is asked to interpret the X-ray before the page is turned to reveal a sample report along with a color-coded, annotated version of the X-ray.
  • Uniquely, all cases contain realistic, high-quality X-ray pictures that are annotated in full colour and completely described in accordance with worldwide radiology reporting standards.
  • This means that the X-rays are explained thoroughly, yet with clear annotations, so that a complete novice can understand the expert’s reasoning.
  • Beyond examinations, this book is useful for postgraduate education and as a daily reference for professionals.

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