Succeeding in the nMRCGP AKT


Authors: Chirag Mehta, Mark Williams & Milan Mehta

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  • “Succeeding in the nMRCGP AKT” is a book written by three GP trainees from Stoke-on-Trent who have passed the AKT exam. Drawing from their own experience, they aim to help fellow trainees prepare for this crucial test.
  • The book contains 500 practice questions: 100 Single Best Answer, 100 Extended Match, and 100 Picture and data interpretation questions. It also includes a 200-question Mock Test under timed conditions to simulate the real exam. The questions cover the entire nMRCGP curriculum.
  • A comprehensive Answers section follows each set of questions, clearly explaining the rationale. Helpful references for further reading are provided, making it an effective revision tool. Additionally, a subject index allows trainees to practice questions by topic area.
  • The authors share insights from their successful AKT and training journey.

Overall, Succeeding in the nMRCGP AKT offers a practical resource with varied question types, mock exams, detailed answers, and subject-specific practice.

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