Macleods Clinical Examination – 15th Edition


Author: Anna R Dover and INNES J. ALASTAIR
Publisher: Elsevier
Edition: 15th

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  • The 15th edition of Macleods Clinical Examination is an essential resource for medical professionals, featuring updated content that reflects recent medical advancements.
  • New chapters on telemedicine and remote consulting have been added, acknowledging the evolving healthcare landscape.
  • The text features additional illustrations and clinical images to enhance understanding.
  • Emphasizes effective communication in the clinical setting and offers practical guidance.
  • Authored by esteemed experts, ensuring the provision of accurate and reliable information.
  • Includes a wealth of online resources, including interactive self-assessment questions and video demonstrations.
  • Aligns with the latest medical guidelines and protocols, ensuring relevance to current clinical practice.
  • Macleods Clinical Examination also features an expanded section on ethical considerations in clinical practice.
  • An invaluable resource for anyone preparing for postgraduate medical examinations.
  • Offers a comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical guide to the art and science of clinical examination.

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