Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Basic Sciences


Author: Vijay Pratap Singh
Revised Edition

Contains more than 5800 MCQs

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The salient features of the book Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Basic Sciences described are as follows:
  • The book justifies its existence by emphasizing that its value lies in the presentation of the subject matter, rather than introducing a novel teaching technique.
  • The book is designed to serve the needs of dental students and professionals by helping them review the basic sciences of dentistry
  • It highlights the increased use of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in dental examinations, indicating that the book is particularly relevant in this context.
  • The book aligns with the trend of using objective type questions, which are common in central and state institutions in India for selecting post-graduate candidates and grading undergraduate students.
  • The book not only includes questions from previous examinations but also provides questions that are likely to be asked in future examinations. This indicates its comprehensiveness as a study resource.
In summary, Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Basic Sciences is presented as a valuable resource for dental students and professionals, particularly focusing on MCQ examinations and offering a wide range of questions for both past and future use.

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