Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Clinical Sciences


Author: Vijay Pratap Singh
Revised Edition

Contains more than 3800 MCQs

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Salient Features of Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Clinical Sciences:
  • The primary focus of this book Vijay Pratap MCQs in Dentistry – Clinical Sciences is on the presentation of subject matter in the field of dentistry, emphasizing the importance of the content over any novel techniques.
  • The book acknowledges the increasing use of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in dental examinations, highlighting the significance of this format in assessing knowledge and understanding in clinical sciences.
  • The book is designed to guide readers in reviewing the fundamental sciences related to dentistry, making it a valuable resource for those preparing for various dental examinations.
  • Reflecting a recent trend, the book predominantly features objective-type questions, mirroring the pattern used for selecting candidates for post-graduate dental courses and grading undergraduate students in India.
  • In addition to questions from previous examinations, the book contains questions that are anticipated to be relevant for future dental examinations. This ensures that readers have access to a wide range of questions for their practice and preparation.

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