Weir & Abrahams Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy – 6th Edition

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Authors: Jonathan Spratt, Lonie Salkowski, Marios Loukas, Tom Turmezei, Jamie Weir, Peter Abrahams

Edition: 6th

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  • “Weir & Abrahams Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy 6th Edition” is the definitive, up-to-date imaging reference for a thorough, three-dimensional understanding of applied human anatomy.
  • Imaging is becoming increasingly crucial to anatomy education and modern medicine. Based on the success of previous editions, this thoroughly revised sixth edition provides an excellent basis for understanding practical human anatomy by providing a comprehensive perspective of the structures and interactions inside the entire body utilizing the most advanced imaging techniques.
  • Included are all pertinent imaging modalities, from simple radiographs to more complex imaging modalities such as ultrasonography, CT, MRI, functional imaging, and angiography.
  • Coverage is further extended by a carefully chosen selection of BONUS electronic content, including clinical images and cases, ultrasound movies, labelled radiograph “slidelines,” cross-sectional imaging stacks, and self-assessment tools. Uniquely, essential image sets from the syllabus have been highlighted throughout the text to facilitate effective study, along with the most prevalent, clinically significant anatomical variants you should be aware of.
  • Weir & Abrahams Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy includes cross-sectional images in CT and MRI, angiography, ultrasound, prenatal anatomy, plain film anatomy, and more, with higher resolution for the clearest anatomical views.
  • This outstanding bundle is suitable for medical students, as well as aspiring radiologists, radiographers, and surgeons.
  • Weir & Abrahams Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy will also be beneficial to a variety of other students and professionals who need a clear, accurate picture of anatomy in contemporary practice.

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