Zeeshan Masood FCPS-1 Psychiatry – 3rd Edition


Contains papers upto February 2023

  • Author/s: Dr. Zeeshan masood
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publisher: Swat Book Publications

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Salient features Zeeshan Masood FCPS-1 Psychiatry – 3rd Edition of the Book

  • This book contains all previous data, which is nearly complete and will continue to be updated in future editions.
  • This book will serve as the foundation for Paper B; it also contains some of the most high yielding aspects (theory), which is critical.
  • Additionally, the book provides pure psychiatric BCQs that are highly yielding on Paper B.
  • The book also includes instructions for pre-psychiatry preparation that the author followed and found to be effective.
  • Corrected and updated.
  • Everything You Need to Understand about Part 1.
  • Past Papers have been updated.
  • BCQs in CNS/Neurology.
  • BCQs in Neuropharmacology.
  • Psychiatry in a Nutshell.
  • High yield Theory.
  • Preparation Guidelines.
  • Coverage for Exam syllabus.
  • This book is not a replacement for a broader grasp of the subject, but it is extremely beneficial prior to sitting for the psychiatric admission examination.

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