Easy Way to Ultrasound – 6th Edition


Author: Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

Edition: 6th.

Published by: Paramount Publishers

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  • Designed for family doctors, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.
  • Provides a quick and complete overview of ultrasound for medical testing.
  • Recognizes the fast changes happening in medicine and the importance of new tools and technology for checking and diagnosing health problems.
  • Aims to help students understand the basics of ultrasound.
  • Covers techniques for better understanding and interpreting ultrasound images.
  • Illustrates the basics of using ultrasound machines, handling equipment, and interpreting images for different parts of the body.
  • Aims to improve accurate diagnosis.
  • The 6th edition includes several new topics, ensuring comprehensive coverage of ultrasound examination.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated in the 6th edition of Easy Way to Ultrasound.

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