Inam Danish Medicine | Short Textbook of Medical Diagnosis & Management 13th Ed


Publisher: Nishar Publications

Edition: 13th edition

Author: Dr. Inam Danish

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  • The “Short Textbook of Medical Diagnosis and Management” by Dr. Inam Danish also known as Inam Danish Medicine is widely considered a standout publication in the medical field.
  • This book presents factual information across various medical specialties in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.
  • It teaches the essential diagnostic and management strategies required for modern medical practice.
  • Inam Danish Medicine covers a wide range of topics, including cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology, liver and biliary diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, renal diseases, rheumatology and bone diseases, blood disorders, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, poisoning, psychiatry, fluid and electrolytes, prescriptions in pharmacology, and the secrets of the examination index.

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