NRE Essence by Dr. Asif Ali Khan – 2nd edition (2024)

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EDITION: Fourth edition 2024
PUBLISHERFarooq Kitab Ghar Publications


Get ready for the NRE exam with the NRE Essence by Dr. Asif Ali Khan – 2nd edition (2024). This book is specially made to help you prepare for the big exam. It’s not just a regular review book – it’s designed to make sure you learn all the important stuff quickly and in an efficient way.

Key Highlights:

  • Past Exam Papers: Contains past papers from NUMS, PMDC, and NLE so you can practice and get used to the exam format.
  • 2000 Key Points: Breaks down essential information into 2000 key points to help you focus your studying on what’s most important.
  • Quick Reviews: Provides short review points for all subjects, updated with exam-focused content to streamline your studying.
  • Complete Topic Reviews: Includes review points from trusted sources like First-aid, First-aid CK-2, and USMLE notes, covering all the key topics thoroughly.
  • Original Past Papers: Gives you original past papers from NUMS, PMDC, and NLE for realistic exam practice and assessment.
  • Subject-wise Practice Questions: Offers practice questions divided by subject to test your understanding and reinforce learning in each area.

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