NRE Made Easy by First Aid Made Easy – 4th Edition


Author: Dr. Hafiz Atif

Edition: 4th Edition

Publisher: Nishtar Publications

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Prominent features of the System Wise NRE Made Easy by First Aid Made Easy – 4th Edition:

  • Highly Regarded Book for NRE/NLE(PMDC): This book is widely recognized as the go-to resource for preparing for the National Residency Examination (NRE) and the National Licensing Examination (NLE) in Pakistan. It has been authored by experienced medical professionals and covers all the essential content likely to be included in the exams.
  • Pioneering Coverage of Modular System: This book “System Wise Medical Made Easy by First Aid Made Easy” was the first of its kind to encompass the modular system of renowned institutions such as the University of Health Sciences (UHS), the Regional Medical University (RMU), the Dow University of Health Sciences (DOW), and the Karachi Medical University (KMU). As a result, it holds immense value for students preparing for exams at these universities.
  • Comprehensive Collection of Past Papers: This book includes a comprehensive collection of past papers from the UHS, RMU, DOW, and KMU exams. It serves as an excellent resource for practice and allows students to familiarize themselves with the types of questions that are likely to be asked.
  • PMC Mock Tests: NRE Made Easy by First Aid Made Easy – 4th Edition incorporates mock tests designed by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to aid students in their preparation for the NRE and NLE exams. These tests provide an opportunity to experience the exam format and practice answering questions within a specified time limit.
  • Detailed Explanations, Tips, and Tricks: System Wise Medical Made Easy offers thorough explanations, valuable tips, and helpful tricks for addressing medical questions. This information proves beneficial for students encountering difficulties with specific concepts or aiming to enhance their exam-taking skills.
  • Concise Rapid Review: This book includes a concise section dedicated to rapid review, summarizing the key concepts covered in each chapter. It serves as an effective means of revising the material prior to an exam.

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