Snell Neuroanatomy

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Author: Ryan Splittgerber Ph.D.

Edition: 8th


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  • Snell Neuroanatomy, Eighth Edition, is a comprehensive guide designed for medical and health professions students to gain a practical understanding of neuroanatomy. The book is organized systematically, reflecting the latest clinical approaches to neuroanatomy structures, and includes enhanced illustrations, diagnostic images, and surface anatomy photographs to reinforce concepts.
  • Each chapter starts with clear objectives and a clinical case to provide a practical introduction to key concepts. Clinical Notes throughout the text spotlight crucial clinical considerations. Chapters conclude with bulleted key concepts, clinical problem-solving cases, and review questions to assess students’ comprehension and readiness for clinical application.
  • Snell Neuroanatomy features enhanced color illustrations, diagrams, and photographs to facilitate understanding of intricate concepts and structures. New bulleted key concepts in each chapter ensure a focused and clinically relevant grasp of neuroanatomy. Chapter objectives and clinical cases underscore the practical applications of the content, while Clinical Notes offer quick reference and review of important clinical considerations.
  • To prepare students for real-world challenges, Clinical Problem Solving and Chapter Review Questions are included, ensuring they are well-equipped for clinical practice.

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