Srbs Manual Of Surgery – 6th Edition

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Author: Sriram Bhat M.

Edition: 6th

The SRBS Manual of Surgery is a comprehensive guide covering the latest surgical techniques, treatments, and concepts across all body systems. With over 3000 clinical photos/illustrations.

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The SRBS Manual of Surgery has been carefully updated and improved by the author.

• Recent grading and staging systems for cancer, along with the latest treatments, are discussed when needed.
• The latest AJCC 2018, 8th edition staging system for cancer is included.
• Brief descriptions of relevant surgical techniques are provided.
• Recent newer concepts and management approaches are added.
• 3000 original self-explanatory clinical photographs and illustrations related to the topics are included.
• Surgical anatomy is included where necessary.
• Newer appropriate tables, boxes, and illustrations with special points are added in the right places.
• The style, formatting, and fonts are arranged for students’ needs.
– Important subjects are in 10pt font
– Boxes, tables, and other subjects are in 9pt font
– Notes are in 8.5pt font
• References are taken from standard books and journals.
• The text covers enough material for:
– Exam-going undergraduates
– Postgraduate entrance exams
– Surgical practitioners
• Best seller in overseas countries

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Black and White, Color Matt Finish

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