SRBs Surgical Operations: Text and Atlas

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Author: Sriram Bhat M.

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SRBs Surgical Operations: Text and Atlas is a complete guide to general surgery. It starts by introducing how to prepare patients, the operating room, and care after surgery. The following chapters discuss the basic ideas of making incisions and stitching, instruments, and outpatient surgery. The book is full of pictures and diagrams, with over 2600 photographs and drawings showing surgical procedures. It covers operations for problems in all parts of the body, including the face, mouth, nervous system, stomach, intestines, and much more. It also talks about newer techniques like laparoscopy (small incisions with cameras), robotic surgeries, and liposuction in detail.

Key points of SRBs Surgical Operations: Text and Atlas:

Complete guide to general surgery, covers many operations throughout the body, includes new techniques like laparoscopy, robotic surgeries, and liposuction, has over 2600 pictures and diagrams showing the procedures.

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