AJ’s Art of Pediatrics: IMM/MCPS MCQ Pool | 2nd Edition by Dr. Bushra Siddique


Author/s: Dr. Bushra Siddique

Publisher: Nishtar Publications.

Edition: 2nd (Second Edition)

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  • The AJ’s Art of Pediatrics IMM MCPS POOL, second edition has been updated till February 2022.
  • The IMM/MCPS MCQs pool is included for the first time in this book, which was written by Dr. Bushra Siddique.
  • To pass either the clinical or theory exam, nearly every aspirant for the paediatrics profession must read the Aj’s Art of Pediatrics book series.
  • Aj’s IMM contains all prior multiple-choice questions from MCPS and IMM, coupled with in-depth justifications and precise citations.
  • The book is a requirement that all people who want to become paediatricians read.

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