Panwar Medical Surgical Nursing by P.K. Panwar

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  • This book is included in the syllabus for all nursing students.
  • The content is written in a way that makes it easy for students to read and understand.
  • Once students have read this book, they won’t require any other supplementary books or study guides.

Author: P.K. Panwar

Edition: Latest

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Medical Surgical Nursing by P.K. Panwar is specifically about caring for adult patients in different settings. For nurses and nursing students, it is crucial to understand the medical knowledge related to diseases.

The book will help students and nurses grasp the concept of diseases, how they develop, and how to manage them. Students and nurses will gain knowledge about various medical and surgical disorders. In this edition, all diseases have been updated with their nursing diagnosis and management, so students and nurses can provide comprehensive nursing care to patients.

Key Highlights of Medical Surgical Nursing by P.K. Panwar:

  • The content has been fully updated based on the nursing curriculum.
  • It uses plain and straightforward language for better comprehension.
  • Useful boxes, keys, and diagrams make it convenient to find essential details.
  • The easy-to-understand writing style makes even complex topics accessible.
  • The student-friendly approach helps students prepare for exams effectively.
  • It includes abbreviations, normal clinical values, common suffixes, prefixes, roots, and instruments used in medical-surgical procedures.
  • It covers emergency and common medications with their actions.
  • It provides nursing diagnoses and interventions for every disease in a simple manner.

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